First Educate the Child

“Exercise: What It Is, What It Does”
“You play ball, jump, run, go to gym, ride your bicycle. You go to dancing class. Why should you exercise as well?
The answer is to do all these things better.
You will be better at gym. You will be better at any sport you do. Athletes exercise and train. Dancers work out every day. They all know they must keep their bodies strong to be as good as they can be. Adults often exercise to look and feel better.
Exercise is body movement that has a purpose. It is never too early to start.”
Carola Trier

Our mission is to inspire youth in developing lifestyles for long-term health and happiness by providing fun integrated Pilates and wellness programs to schools and communities, which teach youth self-confidence, body awareness, movement, and wellbeing.

Who will Benefit

  • Development of body awareness
  • Strategies to improve a sense self-embodiment, self-confidence and well being
  • Participate in teacher –led lessons which connect Pilates to other areas of learning
Teachers and School Leaders
  • Skills to enhance their existing degrees and trainings to offer this special exercise as a Lifestyle and learning enhancement for the youth of their communities.
  • Access to a safe and effective Pilates and Wellness curriculum to youth of all ages
  • Co-planning and co-implementing of instructional units on Pilates for Youth
  • Having the ability to attend workshops on Pilates for Youth for professional development
Schools and Beyond
  • Fun and healthy activities and learning for enhanced lifestyle and long-term health and happiness.
  • Seminars and Information Sessions for parents and community to promote our work and provide education and guidance
Coming August 2017, Dallas Training

*Scholarship to be offered*
(Application and information to be available by May 31, 2017).

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